statement – Ayman Abdul Shaheed

BRAVO is concerned for the life of the detainee Ayman Abdul Shaheed Ramadan, 23, who is a type A hemophiliac (A). This hereditary, genetic disease, causes an imbalance in blood clotting and leads to bleeding in the joints, tissues and even in the brain if the patient is exposed to injury or friction against solid objects. Occasionally bleeding is spontaneous.

BRAVO condemns the continued detention of Ayman, who has sustained repeated hardship because of the disease, most recently in July 2012 when he was transferred from prison to Salmaniya Medical Hospital. He was experiencing pain in the elbow and hip as a result of injuries while in detention subsequent to beatings he received in prison, which have since led to depression and resulted in his doctor at Salmaniya referring him to psychological counseling. As a consequence of the deterioration in his mental condition, he was admitted to a psychiatric hospital where he stayed for an extended period while still in custody.

The prolonged detention and grave circumstances of Aymans illness and deterioration of his mental and physical health are incompatible with internationally acceptable codes of conduct on respect for the dignity and health of detainees.

In light of the above, BRAVO demands the immediate release of the detainee Ayman Abdul Shaheed in order to end the threat to his life, and to return him to his family after he receives adequate treatment (psychologically and physically), and that the authorities cease acts of degradation toward all detainees.