BRAVO reaction to invitation for ‘talks’ between Regime Authorities and the People of Bahrain

“BRAVO stresses the need for total inclusion from all sides of the spectrum of political society in the decision making process for the future of Bahrain, subsequent to the Bahraini Regimes invitation to resume political discussions to “representatives of the political societies and independent members of the political community…………… to achieve further consensus around the political agenda”.

It is hoped that the recent insistence from 30 respected International Civil Societies on U.S. President Barack Obama to intercede for the release of Bahrain’s 13 opposition political leaders, may lead to their release and that they be permitted to participate and lend some genuine balance to this globally anticipated dialogue. 

There has never been a refusal by opposition groups to sit at a table for fully inclusive dialogue on reaching a comprehensive national consensus. However all parties must be permitted equal representation for there to be a wholly dynamic and legitimate conclusion.

Efforts to engage in dialogue where sections of society are alienated is unacceptable to the people, and while 13 of the most prominent political leaders remain imprisoned there is no possibility of credible productivity.

As a gesture of willingness to prove the serious and earnest desire for progress in “serving the interests of the Kingdom and its people” the Regime should release the political prisoners and detained human rights defenders as a matter of urgency, and it must be ensured that this dialogue not replicate the previous effort where marginalisation was evident from the outset.”