statement – Sayed Yousif AlMuhafdah and Zainab AlKhawaja

The re-arrest of Sayed Yousif AlMuhafdah and Zainab AlKhawaja is an interruption to International Civil Societies efforts for a Peace Process in Bahrain, and to the many Governments and indeed the United Nations who are negotiating for a Democratic form, which recognizes Civil Liberty and Dignity, to be implemented in the country.


BRAVO is gravely concerned, knowing full well that this persistent vengeance against the most outspoken protagonists’ in Bahraini society will not continue to be endured without consequences.

We advise the Regime to release all Political Prisoners and listen to the voice of the Bahraini people, to stop the violent brutality against its citizens, and to engage in a diplomatic campaign for a Democratic Referendum that will embrace Constituents across the entire spectrum of Bahraini society.