BRAVO announces the successful treatment of a G.C.C. citizen

BRAVO announces the successful treatment of a G.C.C. citizen who required a digital hearing device to be implanted after becoming partially deaf due to torture while in Detention.


The man was arrested on 11th March 2011 at the King Fahad Causeway on his way from Bahrain to Saudi Arabia, without a warrant from the public prosecutor, and was interrogated without a lawyer present.

He stated that during his detention a Lieutenant accompanied by two masked civilians came into his prison cell and ordered the detainees to curse some of the religious and political Shiite figures and then sexually molested them. He reported that he was severely beaten about the head and that he started to bleed from his left ear, which caused him intense pain.

A G.C.C. lawyer, from his own country, followed his case .

He was released two weeks after his arrest and reported that he went to his Embassy to request aid for his medical condition and to seek removal of the travel ban that had been imposed upon him. Unfortunately the embassy persistently procrastinated and neglected to assist the victim in gaining adequate medical care for an entire year. Having exhausted his options and with no significant result, the man approached Bravo in a final effort to seek professional medical treatment.


His travel ban is still in place, although he continues to follow-up with officials; however they are waiting for approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in his own country.

Subsequently his medical condition worsened and he suffered from profound sensory- neural hearing loss in his left ear.

The victim takes antibiotics and still suffers severe pain, he has a constant drainage of stained discharge from his ear and requires additional medical follow-up.