BRAVO Calls for Release of Detainee “Adnan Al-Mansi” and is Willing to Provide Him With The Necessary Medical Care

Bahrain Rehabilitation and Anti-Violence Organization (BRAVO) has been following the news and reports concerning the detainee Adnan Al-Mansi (24), who was detained on 30/05/2012 from the General Directorate of Immigration and Passports while he went to renew his passport. The security authorities have accused him of being a member of a group of 13 that made “fake” bombs. Since his detention, Adnan has not been given a trial but instead his suspension has been renewed several times and he has so far spent more than 175 days (more than five months) in prison.


According to Adnan’s family, he suffers from serious sickle-cell disease and he was tortured (physically and psychologically) from the very moment that he was detained from the General Directorate of Immigration and Passports building and while he was being transferred in the police vehicle. Adnan was badly beaten on his head and back, which resulted in inflammation on the left side of the head and constant headaches in addition to a bend sustained in his spinal column.

Moreover, reports and statements from several parties including Adnan’s family and lawyer revealed that Adnan has undergone extremely humiliating treatments that violate all heavenly religions, constitutions and ordinances as he was raped by inserting an object in his anus that resulted in severe hemorrhaging and conglomerated blood in that area. A surgery was necessary to remove the tumor.

Medical reports and statements affirm that Adnan is still suffering from severe pain and his health condition worsens every day. He is unable neither to sit nor to use the toilet for normal bodily functions, and he requires specialized treatment, both physically and psychologically, which is unavailable in prison.

Therefore, BRAVO calls on the authorities in Bahrain to immediately release Adnan and allow us provide the necessary physical and psychological treatment to him even if this requires him to travel, and in such case, BRAVO is ready to take care of all expenses.

In addition, BRAVO calls on all parties and Human Rights defenders to pressure the security authorities to release Al-Mansi so that he can be treated, as receiving medical care is a basic human right for all.