Ahmed Oun Statement

BRAVO stated today, 8th August 2012, that the 17 year old youth Ahmed Oun, who was recently released from prison, having been arrested after he was shot by police with lead pellets during a democratic protest last May, has been moved to receive urgent medical care for his eye injury.


Protestors are almost guaranteed to be arrested at public hospitals if they present themselves with injuries related to the democratic movement. Ahmed sought care at a private hospital, from where he was harvested by plain-clothes police officers on 13th May, before surgery could take place to remove the pellet that was lodged in his eye. Arresting him in this manner, and in the diminished physical condition that he was in, was condemned by the medical practitioner in attendance, but to no avail.


In June, Ahmed contacted his family and complained of loss of sight from his eye, however in spite of the pleas of the international community for humane treatment, the prison authorities and relevant Ministers refused to provide surgical care for him. In response to this dozens of his fellow prisoners launched a hunger strike in protest for him not having access to humanitarian medical care.

Since his release, he and his brother Hassan, who has also been shot in the face and requires surgery to his eye and head , both were made aware of the BRAVO initiative and are now receiving the appropriate professional medical care through BRAVO facilitation.