BRAVO demands the immediate release of the Medic Younis Ashoori. Mr. Ashoori has been detained since March 2011. The only remaining charge against him is one of delivering oxygen cylinders to a tent at the site of a protest. Mr. Ashoori was employed for almost 30 years in Bahrain’s Dept of Health and as an Administrator in Salmaniya Medical Complex.  He is the sole supporter of his family and worked hard for his child to attend private university. His wife Amina is lost without him. Mr. Ashoori’s health was poor prior to his incarceration, and the experience of torture, continued abuse and lack of access to any form of healthcare has given rise to grave concerns for his well being.


His case and that of the remaining medics;  Hassan Maatouq (30), Ahmed Almushatat (27), Hasan Alarabi (27) and Ahmed Madhi Saleh (19), has received little media attention by comparison to the international outcry for ‘The 48’, and their sustained mistreatment by the regime appears to have been overlooked by  foreign powers.