Ashoori in his 60’s behind bars with his colleagues “Release detained medical staff”

5 medics are still in bahrain prison despite the continuous call for their release by local and international NGO’s .Many countries are asking the government of Bahrain to close this issue which has spoiled Bahrain reputation in the field of human rights and fair trials.


The 60 years old , Younis Ashoori,an administrator in Muharraq Maternity Hospital, has spent 15 months in jail but still struggling in the appeal court as a continuation of the special national safety court which lack the basic principals of a fair trial ( as documented in Bassiouni report).This court has convicted Younis as guilty for transferring an oxygen cylinder to help in treating the injured . He received and carried out the orders from his superior in the ministry of health, as witnessed by several defendat witnesses who worked with him and helped to carry the order of the ministry of health official.
The only witness against Younis is his torturer, who is the same witness and investigator in the medics case. He is the same person who fabricated the charges of occupiying Salmaniya Medical Complex and accused the medics of possessing weapons , charges from which medics were acquitted as the court found them to be baseless .
Not only the court dismissed the testimony of this witness as unreliable, but also the medics have filed a case against him in regard of the systematic torture & abuse which he carried out against them as was documented in Bassiouni report.

Any person following younis case will reallize that he is an old man suffering from so many health problems like mitral valve prolapse and migraine the severity of which has increased following his torture and abuse during detention.He is also suffering from prostatic hypertrophy, kidney stones causing him severe pain which led the doctor to advise him surgery. He is also complaining of osteoarthritis of both knees causing more suffering and entailing the necessity to treat him in a hospital setup, not in jail.

Continuing jailing of the administrator Younis Ashoori, the nurse Hassan Matooq,,the pharmasist Ahmed meshatit and the newly graduate doctor Hassan Alaradi indicate the unjust language of punishment of medics to horrify them and prevent them from carrying their nobel role in a country pretending to respect human rights and medical neutrality.
We therefore ask the mankind and the world conscience to support Younis Ashoori and his collegues by asking the government of Bahrain to release them and hold their torturers accountable for their actions.