Statement About Ahmed AlNaham

BRAVO has been watching closely over the case of 4 year old Ahmed Nasser AlNaham, and we have been briefed about the severe injury that he has incurred due to direct gunshot to the eye. We learned that the child was moved to Saudi Arabia for treatment.  As we are waiting for news and further progress on the child’s condition, BRAVO is highly concerned over the child’s health and well being and would strongly encourage the family and the authorities in Bahrain to allow BRAVO to intervene in his treatment and to provide emergency assistance in his case. Given the fact that BRAVO is the only NGO in the Gulf Region with such expertise and worldwide contacts, we could facilitate a premium level of professional care and prognosis of the child’s condition, if he needs surgery and follow up care.

Once again we would like to stress, in the strongest possible terms, our sincere and genuine offer to assist the child and his family and the Bahraini Authorities in handling the case.