BRAVO deeply concerned about convictions upheld against medics and demands the Bahraini authorities to drop all their charges

Bahrain – Saturday, 16th of June: Bahrain’s appeal court issued political sentences including fiveyear imprisonment against a number of medics because of their medical activities and expressing their views, a right they have in both the constitution and internationally.

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The appeal court announced Thursday, 14th of June 2012 sentences for 20 medics. Nine were declared innocent, including the chair of BRAVO Dr. Nada Dhaif and the Head of Training and Development Dr. Fatima Haji. Furthermore, the court convicted Dr. Ali AlEkri to five year imprisonment charging him with ‘attempting to overthrow the regime with force and illegal measures’, and it also convicted nurse Ebrahim AlDamistani for the same charges to three year imprisonment. Additionally, Both Dr. Saeed AlSamaheeji and Dr. Ghassan Dhaif were sentenced to one-year imprisonment based on unproven claims that they detained Asians in Salmaniya Medical Complex. Dr. Mahmood Asghar was also sentenced to six months in prison; nurse Dheyaa AbuEdrees was sentenced to two months, and Dr. Nader Deewani, Dr. AbdulKhaleq AlAraibie and Bassem Dhaif to one month in prison. All the medics were convicted for participating in marches where demanded their rights as per internationals agreements Bahrain have agreed upon.

BRAVO congratulates the medics who were deservingly declared innocent including the Chairman of Bravo and the Head of Training and Development, while remaining deeply concerned about the verdicts of the other medical staff members. BRAVO finds that if, god forbids, the security authorities did arrest any of the medics it would be a crime and it will punish not only the medics but also all the patients they take care of. Not to mention the fact that medics are the most important part of society that helps patients , torture victims and rehabilitate them both physically and mentally after all they went through. Arresting them means depriving the society of their care and expertise.

Therefore, BRAVO, The Bahrain Rehabilitation and Anti Violence Organization, strongly condemns the conviction of medics and demands the Bahraini authorities to drop all charges against them and stop their conviction immediately.

Bahrain Rehabilitation and Anti Violence Organization (BRAVO)