BRAVO brief on Dublin visit

During Dr. Nada Dhaifs visit to Dublin, she joined the Demonstration March co-ordinated by Witness Bahrain Ireland, in solidarity with Medics who continue to be persecuted by the Bahraini Regime, and to protest against the maltreatment of Fellows, Staff and Students of the Royal College of Surgeons in Bahrain. She hand delivered letters from Medical Workers to the President of RCSI Dublin and expects the authors of the letters to hear feedback on these during the coming week.

  • While at Leinster House (Government Buildings), she was received by members of The Oireachtas and was admitted to the Seanad Chamber. The plight of the medics was addressed and Dr. Dhaif delivered letters from Bahraini citizens requesting advocacy from the Irish Government at a National and International level.
  • This was followed by a Press Conference at Buswells Hotel, where there was an interview via Skype uplink with a number of medics who were facing verdicts in the days to follow. The Q & A was broad and extensive, with representatives from Witness Bahrain Ireland, European Bahraini Organisation for Human Rights, Irish Anti War Movement, Bahrain Centre for Human Rights, Gulf Centre for Human Rights, and BRAVO.
  • On the second day, Dr. Dhaif and the delegation from BRAVO visited The Danish Ambassador at the Embassy where Dr. Dhaif conveyed thanks on behalf of Abdulhadi AlKhawaja for the continued efforts of the Danish Government to advocate for his release. After which the BRAVO Team met with a met significant figures within the Irish business community associated with corporate bodies who are exploring opportunities to invest in Bahrain once the Human Rights commitments as outlined in BICI are met.
  • The BRAVO Team were invited to the Seanad to make a presentation on the current Human Rights predicament and to discuss their purpose in supporting victims of torture, providing medical aid to eye injury casualties and to assist in rehabilitation for those who have been detained and their families.

On Thursday 14th June 2012 Dr. Nada Dhaif was acquitted along with 8 of her colleagues, however the remaining 9 who had faced verdicts (during this round of sentencing) were given prison sentences.

  • BRAVO Held a Press Conference in The Oak Room of The Mansion House where there was a Q & A, and Dr. Dhaif was interviewed by media networks.
  • Dr. Dhaif was honored to make a Formal Address to the National Womens Council of Irelands AGM. She had been invited to attend by Ms. Sheila Dickson, President of the Irish Nurses & Midwives Organisation and NWC Council Member.
  • After this Dr. Dhaif and the BRAVO Team accompanied an eye injury patient who had arrived from Bahrain in the morning, to the clinic at The Mater hospital to meet with Professor Michael O’Keeffe to assess the damage to the eye, give a prognosis and initiate steps to treatment.
  • The final visit of the day was to the School of Chemistry at Trinity College Dublin where the BRAVO Team met with Professor David Grayson.

On Saturday evening Dr. Nada Dhaif and Tara O’Grady attended the Anniversary of the death of Imam Musa al-Kadhim at AHLUL- BAYT Islamic Centre, the purpose built NATIONAL IRISH MUSLIM ISLAMIC CENTRE. Dr. Nada was invited to speak and both women were honoured to receive a presentation from Imam Dr. Ali Al Saleh.

The women planted an Olive Tree as a Tree of Peace in the extraordinarily beautiful Garden of the House of Hussein, to represent their sisterhood and that of the islands of Bahrain and Ireland, and their shared purpose for peace as symbolized by the Olive Branch throughout numerous world religions and as used on the flag of the United Nations.

Dr. Nada Dhaif concluded her stay in Dublin with a meeting with Mr. Pat Kelly, Middle East Director at the Department of Foreign Affairs to advocate on behalf of her colleagues and others who continue to be persecuted by the Regime in Bahrain.

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